Me_CroppedMeaghan Webster is a communications professional in Washington, D.C., specializing in digital marketing. A lover of striking design, styled photography, and tinkering with the latest social platforms, Meaghan has developed a career combining diverse skills in digital media. She composes and designs email campaigns, crafts blog posts on topics ranging from food to nuclear weapons policy, makes photos go viral on Instagram, trains teams to use Twitter, devises brand partnerships that audiences appreciate, and more.

Meaghan will tackle any digital media challenge, but her passion lies in food and lifestyle marketing for startups and small businesses, leveraged through social media, web and email. She’s most happy when she’s crafting a campaign to generate buzz about the upcoming launch of a Washington D.C. food entrepreneur’s latest big idea. That said, Meaghan’s services are not limited by topic or geography.

In addition to daytime communications work and digital media consulting, Meaghan is the founder and manager of Meag’s Eggs, a breakfast food photography brand, recipe website, and email breakfast guide. Partnerships that allow her to amplify the voices of local breakfast food makers hold a special place in her heart.

Originally from Seattle, Meaghan received her Bachelor of Arts from Gonzaga University in Washington State where she studied Italian Language and Sociology. Dreams of working in policy moved her to Washington, D.C. in 2014, where her creative side eventually led her to discover the vast community of startups and entrepreneurs this city has to offer. Through her services, Meaghan strives to help them grow.

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