Influencer Networking

Meaghan knows first-hand that a trusted voice’s endorsement of a business or product can expand a brand’s audience and turn passive followers into potential clients. With years of experience both pitching and receiving offers for influencer partnerships from brands, Meaghan is skilled at connecting restaurants and food businesses with influencers whose audiences would love them.

Meaghan can leverage influencer networks to help grow your audience by:

  • Identifying the top influencers in your business’ niche
  • Contacting and connecting you to the influencers who would be a good fit to promote your product or brand
  • Conveying your business’ goals to influencers to help them understand how you hope they will promote your brand
  • Monitoring potential clients and engagement that arises from partnerships between your brand and influencers

Are you a winery or restaurant hoping to gain valuable exposure from social media influencers in your niche? Meaghan would love to help you. Get in touch here.