How to Share More Than One Link From Your Profile on Instagram or Tiktok

We’re all familiar with Instagram and Tiktok’s pesky one-link limit in our profile descriptions (and the inability to include links in posts at all). You may also have seen the workaround that brands and influencers use to drive web traffic to more than one link: they create a page that acts like a menu of different links, and they use their one link spot on their profile to drive to that menu.

Ever wondered how those brands create those link menus? Keep reading to learn the most common tools for doing so. I’ll note which methods I prefer for my clients as we go!

Method #1 for Sharing Multiple Links From Your Instagram or Tiktok Profile: LinkTree

This is probably the most widely used “link in bio” menu tool. It’s certainly the first one I ever heard of when I first dipped my toes into Instagram marketing years ago.

Linktree allows you to create a custom menu of multiple links – to your website homepage, online store, blog, etc. The free version allows you to customize the colors of your link buttons, but otherwise, the design is very simple and customization options are limited.

If you opt to pay $6/month for the Premium version, (which I do for my clients), you gain access to more advanced customization, like the option to remove Linktree’s logo and add your own to the top of your menu. You can also add individual images to each link button, schedule buttons to appear and then expire at different days/times, and more.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 10.54.15 AM

For reasons I’ll explain more as we continue – LinkTree is my favorite link in bio menu tool. The user experience is easy for followers to figure out, I love the ability to schedule links for flash sales and then not have to remember to remove them later, and the text on the buttons (combined with image icons) makes it really seamless for my clients’ followers to find the information they’re looking for and know where the link will drive them.

Method #2 for Sharing Multiple Links From Your Instagram or Tiktok Profile: by Later

If you haven’t heard of Later Media, they are a rapidly growing social media scheduling and planning tool. Their main focus is on Instagram scheduling and analytics (which they do a pretty good job of, based on my experience using them for some clients!). Naturally, Later has built in their own optional link menu tool that you can send followers to from your Instagram or Tiktok page, aptly called “”

Unlike LinkTree, is not a customizable list of links that you can edit. Instead, its links are tied to posts that you share on your page. So when you schedule a post your followers can purchase online, you include the desired URL while you’re setting up the post in Later, and then when the post goes live, the photo is added to your page that includes the link.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 10.59.09 AM

The idea is that if a follower sees the photo you posted, and wants to learn more, they will click through to your page and see the same photo you posted (among other posts you may have shared with links via Later) and they’d know to click that image, driving them to your online store.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 10.58.52 AM

While this method works well enough, and is integrated really nicely if you’re already scheduling your posts through Later – I don’t love that it leaves some guesswork up to your followers. No text is included on the images that are added to your page as your posts go live – so you are relying on your followers correctly clicking the right image when they get there in order to end up on the right page of your website.

As a marketer, I’m always thinking about how to reduce friction in any way possible when driving a potential customer to do something, whether that’s making a purchase, visiting my clients’ websites, or whatever goal I have in mind. For that reason, I prefer LinkTree over Later’s, since the customer journey is more straightforward.

Method #3 for Sharing Multiple Links From Your Instagram or Tiktok Profile: Create Your Own Link Menu

An idea I’ve seen from some influencers and brands is to skip the middle-man of a link menu tool, and host your own link menu page on your brand’s website – that way you contain all web traffic you’re driving from your Instagram or Tiktok page to your website, as opposed to LinkTree’s or another 3rd party tool.

I understand this thinking, because if the link menu exists on your website, even if your followers aren’t interested in links within the menu you’ve created, they might see something else on your website they’re interested in.

This might be a good option for you if you have the time to maintain this specific link menu page, and you have the bandwith to get it designed and set up. That said, the reason I have not yet recommended this to my clients is that the built-in benefits of Linktree’s Premium version are too convenient to give up and are not features we’d be able to easily build into our websites, like the ability to schedule links to appear at certain times and then go away on their own when needed.

Conclusion: All of these methods work, but my favorite is LinkTree

There you have it: three different ways to bypass Instagram and Tiktok’s one-link limit on your profile and provide menus of link options to your followers. If you’re looking for the easiest, most customizable, and user-friendly option, I recommend sticking to LinkTree.

Heard of another tool that you like better? Got other thoughts to share? Let me know on Instagram.

Meaghan Webster is an experienced photographer and marketing manager in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. She helps clients with everything from social media, to email marketing, websites, and content creation. Learn more about her work at or see her latest updates at

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