Valentine’s Instagram Campaign for District Winery Weddings

The Goal

Come up with a creative way to drive new engagement and follower growth for District Winery’s Weddings Instagram.

The Approach

Meaghan designed a giveaway requiring users to like and comment on posts leading up to Valentine’s Day. Each post visually contributed to the overall Instagram grid like a puzzle piece, so that when the giveaway winner was announced on February 14th, a larger graphic was formed in District Winery Weddings’ feed.

The Result

This campaign created a beautiful, fresh look for District Winery Weddings’ Instagram feed (as seen below). Furthermore, the giveaway drove an average of 30 comments per post and an increase in likes per post for the entire two week period, as well as a bump in follower growth.

Each of the squares below was an individual post over the 2 week period, so that on Valentine’s Day, the weddings feed looked like this: