Social Media Audit and Influencer Campaign Strategy for Rocca Family Vineyards

The Goal

Napa-based Rocca Family Vineyards needed help improving their social media strategy and were interested in working with influencers, but they didn’t know where to start.

The Approach

Meaghan advised Rocca on two projects: the first, an audit of their existing social media strategy, complete with recommendations for moving forward, and the second, an entirely planned out influencer campaign to increase brand awareness for the winery in California.

Meaghan evaluated every aspect of Rocca’s social feeds, to determine what was aligned with best practices, what was working, what needed to be improved, and how to make social media easier for their team to manage. After the evaluation, Meaghan created a thorough report on her findings for Rocca, complete with evidence-based strategies for improved wine sales and brand awareness moving forward.

Upon completion of the audit, and a training Meaghan led for Rocca’s team on implementing her findings, Meaghan then moved on to planning an entire influencer campaign. This included researching and identifying the best wine influencers to work with based on Rocca’s goals for the campaign, writing an invitation and proposed collaboration to be sent to the chosen influencers, managing communication between Rocca and the interested influencers, and tracking performance of the content created by the influencers in driving new brand awareness.

The Results

After receiving training from Meaghan, Rocca’s team has vastly improved their use of social media best practices – from hashtag use, to quality of images shared, to wine sales graphics and promotions.

Furthermore, the influencer campaign that Meaghan planned and managed for Rocca led to their wines being featured on 9 different California-based influencers Instagram feeds, with followers in the thousands (and sometimes tens of thousands).

Throughout the course of the campaign, Rocca saw a marked jump in daily follower growth, website link clicks from their Instagram profile, and the number of people visiting their profile and viewing their posts, leading to increased brand awareness and visits to their tasting room – the exact goal of the campaign.

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