Graphic Design & Brand-Building

Meaghan is passionate about beautiful design and branding – skills she puts to work for businesses in Washington, DC, for her food/lifestyle brand, and as a personal hobby. Whether your business needs a logo, artwork for your website, graphics for an important campaign, or branding advice, Meaghan would be delighted to help.

Meaghan Can Help Craft Your Business’ Visual Indentity By:

  • Crafting unique artwork for your business including logos, icons, banners, and more
  • Working with you to envision and design a compelling visual brand for your business from the color scheme and logo to standard typefaces and official documents
  • Creating artwork for an important campaign or launch, such as sub-branded logos, color schemes, email designs, social media images, and more
  • Providing consultation on building a visually-appealing, recognizable brand as your business grows

Are you looking for design work? Do you need a more in-depth visual design and branding consultation? Get in touch here.