Food and Drink Photography

Meaghan has a demonstrated knack for capturing beautiful food and beverage images that grab and retain clients’ attention. Whether it’s to capturea special event, your company’s new dishes or cocktails, or you and your employees in action at work, she knows how to position, style, and photograph it all to provide you with stunning visual content for social media, your website, your email newsletter, and more.

Food, Drink and Event Photography Services Meaghan Provides in the Washington, DC area:

  • Styled food ad drink shoots
  • Photoshoots at your business or store
  • In-the-moment photos at an event you’re hosting
  • Helping select props and settings that best highlight your brand or products in photos
  • Creating images optimized specifically for social media platforms, like square images for Instagram, vertical images for Pinterest and Instagram stories, etc

In need of food or drink photography? Hosting an event you’d like photographed? Or do you have an idea that’s not listed here? Meaghan would love to hear about it. Get in touch here.