Animated Eblast Designs for Two Urban Wineries

The Goal

District Winery and Brooklyn Winery were looking to spruce up their email template design ahead of a big wine sale push for Memorial day.

The Approach

As Marketing Manager for the urban wineries’ parent company, First Batch Hospitality, Meaghan decided to focus on a new animated email design for the Memorial Day campaign. Meaghan designed multiple summer-y graphics for each winery, then animated them together for two fresh, new email designs to promote the wineries’ holiday wine sales.

The Result

See below for what the wineries’ emails looked like before the new design, and then with the new design. In addition to providing a fun new look, these email campaigns generated thousands of dollars in wine sales for each winery.

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 5.23.48 PM

Old Design

DW Memorial Day 2020 Eblast Announcement

New Design

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