Content Creation & Strategy

Meaghan understands that many small businesses and startups have little time for digital media content creation. Blog posts that draw people into your website, a constant stream of social media posts hoping to peak your audience’s interest in a purchase, diverse images of your product that continually pull clients in — the content required to maintain a professional online presence can feel staggering.

Meaghan works with small brands to tackle content needs like these in order to free you up to run your business more effectively.

Meaghan can help you create and plan digital marketing content by:

  • Developing “evergreen” (always ready to use) social media posts you can tweak and post regularly based on your products, web posts, and images that resonate with your audience the most
  • Creating an editorial calendar for your web posts and recommendations for social media posts to promote them
  • Running, monitoring, and posting on your social media accounts for you
  • Styling and photographing your product for for blog and social media posts
  • Helping you write blog posts, press releases, websites, social media posts, and more

Want to learn more about the content Meaghan creates? See Product Styling & Photography and Copywriting for details. Know that you need content creation help? Get in touch here.