Campaign Strategy & Management

Whether it’s the build-up to a new website, the strategic growth of an email list before a newsletter is announced, or the roll-out of a food startup’s first product, Meaghan knows how to devise campaigns that excite people.

Meaghan can help you utilize social media campaigns to drive growth for your business by:

  • Helping assess when coordinated social media campaigns may be beneficial to your business or product launch
  • Planning and creating strategic, cross-platform content to generate interest and excitement about an important announcement or launch
  • Creating content that generates excitement before, during, and after your big launch
  • Coordinating key outreach that amplifies your announcement before, during and after launch day
  • Preparing reports with key metrics on campaign performance related to a launch

Need to maximize social media attention on an upcoming product launch, restaurant opening, or other exciting event through strategic campaigns? Get in touch here.