Campaign Strategy + SWAP Foods Online Store Launch

The Goal

SWAP Foods, a local Washington, D.C. company that makes delicious plant-based (and paleo, and gluten-free) waffles called Swapples, was looking to raise brand awareness before the launch of its online store in early 2016. Rebecca Peress, SWAP’s founder, partnered with Meaghan’s Meag’s Eggs brand to increase visibility for this important moment.

The Approach

Meaghan combined her breakfast photography passion project with the ingenuity of Swapples to develop a set of visual content for SWAP Foods in the form of “regrammable” (ideal for the brand to post on Instagram) photos of breakfasts containing eggs and swapples. Meaghan styled, photographed and organized posting of the photos on Instagram and other platforms in a timed sequence during the weeks leading up to SWAP’s online store launch.

Additionally, Meaghan worked with SWAP to draft and edit a blog post about the launch in the form of an interview with SWAP founder Rebecca Peress with the dual purpose of raising awareness about Swapples among Meag’s Eggs’ followers, as well as driving traffic to SWAP’s website. The interview post was intentionally published and promoted on social media on the online store’s launch day, driving viewers to click directly to that page.

Click here to view the interview post.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 11.00.46 PM

The Results

On launch day, the interview post received over 150 views. Within a few months, the post had been viewed over 400 times. More importantly, viewers clicked the link leading them to SWAP’s store over 60 times. This high level of traffic and engagement resulted heavily from Meaghan’s strategically-timed publishing of the interview, in combination with the multiple teaser photos she posted on Instagram to peak followers’ interest about Swapples leading up to the launch.