Awareness and Email-List Building + Launch of the Yolk Lover’s Guide Newsletter

The Goal

In June 2017, Meaghan decided to take her breakfast photography passion project, Meag’s Eggs, to the next level. Originally an Instagram account, then including a recipe website, Meag’s Eggs was ready to evolve to include a monthly email newsletter called the Yolk Lover’s Guide. In order to make sure this new product was successful, Meaghan planned out a robust, month-long campaign to not only notify her followers about it, but to also convince them why it would be useful and worth subscribing to before launch day.

The Approach

Meaghan knew that the key to getting anyone to opt in to an email list is providing them with something valuable enough to merit sharing their email address with you. So she developed a set up of Instagram posts to tease the upcoming email announcement and poll followers: What did they wish was easier about making breakfast? What about eggs did they wish they knew? And their answers provided both high engagement, generating greater visibility for the posts, but also future content for the Yolk Lover’s Guide‘s Tips section.


While teasing the launch on social media, Meaghan reached out to early champions of Meag’s Eggs in order to create a pool of beta testers for the newsletter, while also generating organic excitement among them about the launch, doubling as the Guide‘s earliest subscribers. Meaghan also tapped into networking groups on Facebook to brainstorm additional common egg questions (how to poach an egg being the #1 request by far) while simultaneously raising more awareness about the impending launch itself.

During the few days before launch, when the first Yolk Lover’s Guide would be sent, Meaghan finally revealed what the big announcement she’d been teasing was – on Instagram, in the networking groups on Facebook, and on – driving users to the subscribe page.

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The Results

Meaghan’s month-long effort to prime her audiences with discussion about their breakfast questions capped by the announcement of a newsletter to supply them with answers to those questions successfully led to over 100 opt-ins to the Yolk Lover’s Guide email list before the inaugural email was even sent. Subscriber growth and engagement with the Guide has risen steadily ever since.