Audience Engagement Campaign + Mina Shakshuka Sauce

The Goal

Mina, a startup food business, wanted to tap into and engage potential new customers for its shakshuka sauce, a dish made with tomato sauce and eggs. Mina partnered with Meaghan to leverage the highly-engaged audience of her egg-themed food blog (Meag’s Eggs) to build interest in and raise awareness about their sauce, with the goal of driving purchases in the future.

The Approach

Meaghan collaborated with Mina to devise a week-long campaign for her Meag’s Eggs brand that introduced her audience to the product, showed them why it was useful, gave away freebies, and encouraged followers to try it for themselves. Meaghan designed the campaign to include carefully styled photos of the product in use, an original recipe using the sauce, a giveaway for followers requiring that entrants follow Mina on Instagram to generate excitement and future engagement with the brand, and an email campaign driving subscribers to the giveaway and product page on Mina’s website.

Click below to view the recipe, giveaway, and Instagram posts.

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 4.50.02 PM

Mina Shakshuka Giveaway

The Results

Because Mina’s shakshuka sauce provides an easy-to-prepare version of a popular egg dish, and Meag’s Eggs’ audience has a demonstrated interest in creative egg meals, followers were extremely receptive to this promotion. Engagement on each Instagram post throughout the week was above-average, with one video post receiving over 1 million views. Click-through rates to the product in Meag’s Eggs’ email newsletter were 2% higher than average, and anecdotally, numerous followers commented positively to express their interest in trying the product.

This promotion showed how matching a small business’ unique product with the right engaged audience on social media can generate buzz and potential leads.


1 Million Views