COVID-19 Website Copy for First Batch Hospitality’s Wineries

The Goal

When COVID-19 caused District Winery and Brooklyn Winery to temporarily close, their parent company First Batch Hospitality needed a clear way to share important information with customers and the wineries’ communities.

The Approach

As Marketing Manager for First Batch Hospitality, Meaghan worked with the owners and Director of Marketing to quickly create an entirely new drop down section of First Batch Hospitality’s website and write the copy for each page. This project included an informative landing page, to which both wineries’ websites could drive visitors to for fast information about their closures and wine sales. The new website section also included resources for affected industry workers, information about proceeds from wine sales benefiting affected team members at the wineries, an FAQ for how to support the wineries while they’re closed, and a blog with rolling updates on the wineries’ operations as city restrictions related to COVID-19 evolved.

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The Results

Both District Winery and Brooklyn Winery were able to effectively drive website viewers to the new COVID-19 website section from announcement bars on their respective websites. By making sure winery customers and followers could easily find the logistical information they needed to find out if they were closed, purchase wine, support the wineries’ staff, or submit a future private event inquiry, Meaghan helped create an important tool for First Batch’s communications practices during a time of global crisis.

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