Hello from California Wine Country!

It’s been a while since I updated the blog here and a lot has been going on behind the scenes, so I wanted to share some personal news:

I’ve moved to the San Francisco Bay Area after living in Washington, DC for the last six years and now work in Napa Valley!

The reasons for the move are a long personal story so I won’t bog you down with them here. The gist is that, while I started an amazing full time marketing role at First Batch Hospitality in March (after freelancing for their wineries for years), like for many people, the pandemic forced a bit of a shift in priorities. This led me to follow my significant other to the west coast and pursue further opportunities to work in wine marketing now that I have close access to California wine country.

Therefore, I am excited to announce that I have joined the marketing team at Far Niente Family of Wineries in Napa Valley!

This job is a bit of a dream – I get to do so many of my favorite things, from supporting social media strategy to managing their websites, to assisting with photoshoots and more. The scope of the work is an amazing opportunity to grow my skills and learn new things. And I get to do it for all of Far Niente’s wineries, including Nickel & Nickel (their single-vineyard brand), EnRoute (their Russian River Pinot Noir brand), Bella Union (their blended Cabernet brand), Dolce (their late-harvest sweet wine), and their newest brand, Post & Beam.

While I am sad to have my left my First Batch Hospitality colleagues at District Winery in DC and Brooklyn Winery in New York earlier than I had planned, and I’m saddened every day by the weight of the pandemic we’re living through (not to mention this year’s awful fires that affected countless lives and homes as I arrived in California) – I continue to focus on the silver linings of this year. And getting the chance to apply my wine marketing skills to such an esteemed Napa Valley brand (while also living in a brand new place and exploring the Bay Area!) is definitely a positive outcome of this year for which I am truly grateful.

For more real-time updates on my work with Far Niente, connect with me on Instagram. If you’re based in the Bay Area, Napa, or Sonoma and are interested in being friends, let’s get in touch!

Meaghan Webster is a wine and food photographer, marketing professional, and results-based social media manager for wineries. She’s worked for brands from Napa to Virginia, Washington, DC, and New York. Learn more about her work at meaghanwebster.com or see her latest updates at instagram.com/meaghanwmarketing.

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