Wineries to Follow for Social Media Inspiration

Social media can be a sensitive topic for wineries, since so many of them don’t have a lot of time or staff capacity to devote to it.

While I can often be the first to point out that there is room for improvement in many wineries and wine brands’ social media and marketing strategies, there are also those who I think are really getting it right.

They’re creative with the features available to them, using stunning photography, clearly understand how their target audiences are thinking, and generally have great eyes for design.

These are the wineries whose social media presences I’m especially inspired by these days:

Winery Social Media Feed for Inspiration #1: Pippin Hill Farm

Pippin Hill Farm in Charlottesville, Virginia boasts one of the most aesthetically pleasing winery Instagrams I’ve come across in the region. From their consistently light and airy photography (much of which is supplied by local VA photographer Kate Greer), to their perfectly designed Instagram Stories that show how beautiful their weddings are, I always pay attention when a Pippin Hill post graces my feed.

Winery Social Media Feed for Inspiration #2: Old Westminster Winery

We’re continuing the Mid-Atlantic trend with Old Westminster Winery in Maryland, whose Instagram is beautifully curated and filtered to make you feel like you’re basking in cozy evening light when you scroll by each post. Whether they’re sharing a photo from a carefully styled shoot, or a recap of one of their outdoor events, their short, cheeky caption headlines are always the nudge I need to click “see more” and read their real calls-to-action in the expanded text below.

Winery Social Media Feed for Inspiration #3: Silver Oak Cellars

We’re moving west now to look at one of the best: Silver Oak Cellars in Napa Valley. I followed their feed after I visited them a few years ago, so their contributions to my Instagram feed remind me of that time and are always a treat. But beyond my nostalgia, they’re objectively doing a great job on social media: They share crisp still shots of their famous Cabernet Sauvignon cascading into a glass, combined with the history of their wine. They clearly plan out their stories and content in advance, providing a clear, coherent message to followers about events like Release Days. And they cater to their local audience, sharing notes about the environmentally friendly features of their property.

Winery Social Media Feed for Inspiration #4: Chateau Ste. Michele

Now we move North from Napa to a winery I know you might have strong feelings about. Those of us originally from Washington State hold CSM and its summer concert series in Woodinville, WA dear, while acknowledging the large, winemaking machine their brand has become compared to these other smaller wineries I’ve been talking about. I know that’s a turn-off for some people, but it doesn’t stop me from following.

However you feel about CSM, you must admit that their social media game is on point, and they are giving their target audience what it wants. The pleasant, consistent branding and pink color palette woven throughout their feed! Their cute quips about The Bachelor, hitting home runs with their basic-girl fan base (like me)! Their perfect mixture of styled photography and user-generated content (they share photos from guests on their stories every Monday)! Their Instagram is so much fun to follow, that I sought out their Twitter, too, which I ALSO enjoy following.

Winery Social Media Feed for Inspiration #5: Ceretto Winery

Now I’m taking you back east and across the pond for a look at one of my favorite Italian wineries to follow: Ceretto. Talk about aspirational content. The sweeping views of their sloped vineyards have me ready to hop on a flight there right now. Their transparent, bubble-like tasting room overlooking said vineyards is unlike anything I’ve ever seen at a winery in the States, and they do a great job of emphasizing it on their feed. They also do a lovely job of captioning their posts in both Italian and English (which shows my bias, as I majored in Italian in college and look fondly upon any opportunity to dust off my reading comprehension skills).

Those are my top inspirational winery social media feeds for now – though of course my sources of inspiration for my own marketing work are always evolving. What feeds are inspiring you these days? I’d love to hear about it on Instagram.

Meaghan Webster is an experienced photographer and marketing manager in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. She helps clients with everything from social media, to email marketing, websites, and content creation. Learn more about her work at or see her latest updates at

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