7 Social Media Post Ideas for Wineries

At a loss for what to post on your winery’s social media feeds? If you don’t focus on this full-time like I do for my clients, it can be hard to think of new, engaging things to post.

Luckily for you, I’ve laid out seven ideas for your winery’s posts below – enough to help you plan a whole week’s worth of content! (Which you should be planning out in advance in a content calendar, like we learned from my recent blog post.)

These ideas are based on content types that consistently show up in the top posts section of the analytics I prepare for my winery social media clients every month. Let’s get to it:

Winery Social Media Post Idea #1: Show Off Your Tasting Room Experience

It’s easy to get into the habit of mostly posting pictures of your wines and bottles. But your followers also want to know what it’s like to visit you! Share a post that depicts what guests will encounter when they arrive for a tasting, like this great example from Pippin Hill in Virginia:

Winery Social Media Post Idea #2: Go Behind-The-Scenes in Your Cellar

Your followers would probably be very interested in getting a glimpse of how your wine is made – especially if you can show them a cool production process they might not have seen during a winery tour. I love this example from Upsidedown Wine in Washington State:

Winery Social Media Post Idea #3: Share Updates from the Vineyard

Many wineries that I follow on Instagram do this really well already – but it bears repeating because this type of post always performs so well, analytics-wise: share photos of what’s going on in your vineyards! We’ve all seen gorgeous harvest photos, and multi-colored bunches of grapes undergoing veraison. But even after the last day of picking in the fall, your followers will love to see what’s happening out there. Cover crop growing in between the vines? Explain that to your followers! Beautiful landscape shot of the vines with your winery in the distance? I don’t have to tell you how eye-catching that is on your feed.

Winery Social Media Post Idea #4: Suggest Food Pairings For Your Wine

It’s one thing to post a wine bottle picture with a caption recommending which types of food to pair with it. It’s quite another to illustrate your suggested pairing in a photo with actual food! Switch things up and use real food, or even ingredients indicative of your wine’s tasting notes to illustrate how your guests could enjoy it at home. I love how Washington, DC wine shop DCanter does this on their Instagram:

Winery Social Media Post Idea #5: Highlight Your Team Members

You know what kinds of posts my clients’ followers LOVE to read? Profiles of our staff! I ask them about their roles at the winery, why they like working there, how they got into wine, etc. Your team probably has similarly fun info to share. And you can get creative with the photos for these kinds of posts – the more fun the better! I shared the post below for my client District Winery (an urban winery in DC) featuring a tasting bar associate who we noticed guests really loved. Check out the excited comments from our followers who recognized Steve!

Winery Social Media Post Idea #6: Try Sharing a Video

In general, on platforms like Instagram (a top social platform for wineries and wine businesses), photo posts perform best in the feed. That said, every brand’s audience is a little different and prefers different types of content. Some people really like to watch videos – and this is a type of post you should test out to see if it resonates with your followers, too!

Whether it’s a slow-motion wine glass pour, or a video of your winemaker using the press – there’s a lot of visually interesting motion involved in making and serving wine that can be captured for video.

Winery Social Media Post Idea #7: Share Your Customers’ Photos

Ever heard the term UGC? If not, that’s marketing and social media speak for “User-Generated Content,” or, content related to your winery that your followers and customers create. For example, if a guest visits your winery and shares a picture on their Instagram tagging you – that is UGC, and you should pay attention it, and save it, for when you need something authentic to post on your own feed.

Re-sharing UGC, also sometimes referred to as “regramming” on Instagram, is a great way to show your followers what a true experience at your winery or with your wine is like. Furthermore, it shows your followers that someone else has really enjoyed visiting you or sipping your wine. Lastly, it’s content that you can share, but that you didn’t have to spend time creating yourself! I like to sprinkle these into my clients’ content strategies to not only give a bit of love to our guests, but also as a fun way to keep our feeds approachable and not overly polished. Just remember – if you’re ever sharing someone else’s photo to your feed, make sure to credit them.

I hope these content ideas are helpful for your winery! Have you tried any of these suggestions on your own feed and had success? I’d love to hear about it. Comment below or shoot me an email using my Contact page.

Meaghan Webster is a marketing specialist for wineries and restaurants. An experienced wine and food photographer, social media and website manager, and designer, she’s worked as a marketing consultant for wineries and restaurants in Napa, Virginia, Washington, DC, and New York. She currently works in-house at Far Niente Winery in Napa Valley. Opinions expressed in the blog are Meaghan’s own and do not represent her employer or clients.

Learn more about her work at meaghanwebster.com or see her latest work and tips at instagram.com/meaghanwmarketing.

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