Building a Better Breakfast Routine


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Who has time to sit down and enjoy breakfast before the workday instead of rushing out the door with yogurt and a to-go mug? Before my exposure to the ‘slow food’ lifestyle at my home-stay in Italy, I’d say NOT me. But Florence transformed my morning coffee into a treat that I was encouraged to savor while sitting down every day, a habit that lent itself nicely (once back in the States) to making eggs every morning and reading the news while my mug cooled to the perfect temperature.

Four years later, I’ve turned this calming breakfast ritual into a website and Instagram full of egg recipes, called Meag’s Eggs, now accompanied by a brand new Yolk Lover’s Guide with egg tips, featured breakfasts by followers, and recipe suggestions.

My goal with this ~side hustle~ is to help others insert a more enjoyable breakfast into their understandably busy morning routines. So I’ve developed some shortcuts and tricks that I want you to try, including the tips outlined below. For ongoing tricks and ideas, be sure to sign up for the Yolk Lover’s Guide here!

Fry eggs without the hassle of flipping

Throwing fried eggs on some toast or English muffins is one of the quickest breakfasts you can make. But what if I suck at flipping the eggs, you ask? What if the yolk breaks every time I try? Happens to all of us. While mastering the flip is definitely possible with some practice, I gave up on the unnecessary anxiety of egg gymnastics and opt for the lid method instead: Crack the egg into the pan, let cook for about a minute, then cover for the last 45-60 seconds. Wiggle the pan to make sure the egg whites cook over, but the yolk stays soft and jiggly, then remove from heat immediately. It takes less than 3 minutes per egg and will leave you feeling accomplished as you begin your day.

Repurpose dinner leftovers to create something gourmet

If you follow my Meag’s Eggs Instagram, you know that one of my favorite ways to eat eggs is when they’re cooked in pasta. Am I preparing pasta and a sauce in the morning before work? Of course not – I’m making pasta for dinner the night before with enough leftovers that can be used to make with eggs. Eggs in Hell (spicy pasta), eggs in mac and cheese, eggs in drunken Thai noodles, an egg fried onto a piece of leftover pizza – the possibilities for repurposing your dinner into a gourmet (or as my friends and I say, Gor-MET) breakfast are endless. See here for ideas and recipes.

Put your meal prep skills to work for breakfast, too

Meal prep is not just for your desk lunch! It can provide you with breakfast all week, as well. One of the most useful #adulting purchases I’ve made is my muffin tin (that I bought at a local grocery store…don’t judge) – because you can make so many things with eggs in it! My favorite example are these baked prosciutto egg cups that I ate for breakfast for days, but there are so many egg/muffin tin breakfast prep recipes out there you can try. I have a couple recipes for you here that keep in the fridge well, like pull-apart crostini and eggs baked into bell peppers.

Let an egg cooker make your eggs for you

Lastly, get yourself a gadget that will do much of the breakfast thinking for you. I received this amazing egg cooker as a Secret Santa gift last year, and it is honestly the only reason I am able to soft-boil eggs successfully. Tools like this will poach for you, hard-boil for you, soft-boil, and even help you create an omelet, all in minutes. Plus, it looks super cute, like a little spaceship for your eggs, so how could you not want it?

Are you ready to build out your breakfast routine yet? Subscribe to the Yolk Lover’s Guide to give yourself some inspo – and happy breakfasting!